What does photometry do in lighting design?


Photometry refers to the science of light measurement in terms of the light’s brightness perceived by the human eye.

The development of a lighting concept in a commercial, institutional, industrial or residential plan, interior or exterior, involves a detailed needs analysis defined according to: architectural layout and lighting plans, types of fixtures, lighting levels according to your needs, color and budget.

The photometric calculation is the best method to evaluate the performance of the lighting and to determine accurately the optimal positioning and quantity of lighting fixtures, the intensity of the light distribution, and if necessary, the consideration of natural light.
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The 3D technological environment and the lighting simulation software evolve in perfect harmony to reveal the best 3D visual renderings of your projects.

Design and concept

How do we evolve with you in your projects?

Plan construction

Our best advice follows you from the beginning of the preliminary study of your project and continues all the way to the installation on the site. We will be with you every step of the way to establish the best needs and cost analysis.

Our team has developed proven expertise in all possible areas of indoor and outdoor lighting, including sectors related to roads, sports, medical, architectural, institutional, industrial or commercial enterprises, even in lighting controls. We can provide you with lighting specifications for all types of projects without exception.

We can help you with the lighting specification for all types of projects!
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Because your choice of lighting often involves teamwork.

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We have a large selection of architectural fixtures in our warehouse ready to go in the field for demonstration and allow you to consider all aspects of lighting.

An impressive selection of literature, color and fabric finishes are also available to fine-tune every detail in the arrangement of all design elements.

HITECH turns your projects into light!

For a demonstration at your office or at the construction site...
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Discussion plan du projet

Design and implementation of lighting controls

You will learn how to design and implement lighting control adapted to your specific needs.

Call on our lighting control design and implementation experts today!

This service includes:

  • The design of controls
  • Control technologies
  • CAD connection diagrams
  • A specific estimate of the project
  • The budget-owner price
  • Drawings for approval
  • A pre-visit to the site (assistance to the electrician)
  • Start-up of the systems
  • User training
  • Upgrade
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What kind of training does HITECH offer?

HITECH's numerous training courses cover most of the different possible spheres in lighting such as:

  • Integration of architectural lighting in suspended acoustical ceilings
  • Lighting Basics - LED 101
  • Architectural lighting design and specification
  • Exterior architectural specification
  • Medical (several subcategories depending on the application)
  • Mental health
  • Prison environments
  • Road lighting and parking lots
  • Sports fields
  • Specific project - LEED and WELL Building
  • Lighting controls for efficiency and ambiance
  • And more

There are important factors and standards to consider for each respective area of lighting and our training will help you understand your specific project issues and needs.
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