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HITECH offers the best lighting solutions

With HITECH you have access to all the innovations of the lighting industry in all ranges of luminaires for the commercial, industrial, institutional and residential sectors.

HITECH was founded in 1989. From a manufacturing agent specializing in lighting, the company has become an industry leader in providing optimized lighting solutions. All the parameters of the customers projects are taken into account for the interior and exterior as well as the integration of technologies including lighting controls.

The expertise acquired by the HITECH team allows us to offer, in addition to high quality products, excellent service and technical support to professionals such as: architects, interior designers, electrical engineers, lighting designers, landscape architects, as well as municipal and corporate managers, including retail, transit, health and sports applications.

We are committed to understanding the effects of light on human health, cognition, behaviour and user interaction in a specific space.

HITECH's new offices located in the industrial district of Longueuil are set up to discover new technologies and know-how in the integration of lighting and architectural products.

Our team's expertise has been proven. Contact us to transform your project into light.
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