Business Case

Joliette Hospital

Medical and base building

“The addition of an external agent that operates continuously with technology becomes an asset to improve the efficiency of disinfection in the most sensitive areas.”
– Grégoire Tremblay, Senior Engineering Technician, GBi

Project summary: The Centre hospitalier de Lanaudière (CHDL) Hospital installed Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection fixtures in its new 1,000 square meter endoscopy department.

Challenge: Despite current established protocols and procedures for disinfection in healthcare facilities, staff were concerned that the inevitability of human error would limit their effectiveness.  CHDL wanted to add an additional tool for disinfection to help particularly hard-to-reach areas.

Solution: Indigo-Clean M4SEDIC14 fixtures in all six (6) endoscopy rooms and adjacent support areas, including a medical device reprocessing unit.

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