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Centre culturel Desjardins

"It's a great source of pride to have helped bring this project to fruition. The work carried out enhances our almost one-hundred-year-old venue and equips it with modern, functional facilities. Audiences, artists, staff and touring crews will all benefit," says Claudine Harnois, President of Centre culturel Desjardins.

Having recently won the Grand prix d'excellence 2023 from the Ordre des architectes du Québec, the Centre Culturel Desjardins de Joliette has attracted a great deal of attention for its bold signature.


The architectural firm Atelier TAG chose a strong color palette of black and red to mark the contemporary intervention of the site. This approach to heritage is refreshing and opens the door to a new era of historical projects, moving away from buildings frozen in time.


The combination of our 3 manufacturers, H.E Williams, Axis Lighting and Tivoli, has brought this magnificent project to light with DMX solutions that are essentially used to control dynamic event lighting as a complement to the sound system. The perfect solution for a concert hall.

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