An entire team at your service

Each member of our team was carefully selected according to his or her knowledge and experience.

Eclairage Hi-Tech has built a multitask team, motivated by a common passion; our clients’ success.

  • Dynamic, proactive and familiar with working in close collaboration with engineers, architects, designers, electrical contractors and distributors.
  • Profound knowledge of each manufacturer’s products, services and operation.
  • Excellent technical knowledge, design capability and budget analysis.

Here is our team, at your service:

Philippe Goyet
Philippe GoyetPresident and Co-owner
Guylaine Ladouceur
Guylaine LadouceurCo-owner & Lighting Consultant
Dominic PhilibertLighting Consultant
Eveline DupontLighting Consultant
Gabriel CaronLighting Consultant
Philippe PerreaultLighting Consultant
Sébastien PlanteLighting Consultant
Vincent GervaisLighting Consultant
Eric BertrandSenior Distributor and Contractor Representative
Julien ParentDistributor and Contractor Representative
Richard LequinLighting Controls Specialist
Marie-Claude AubryProject Manager Supervisor
Jean-François DenisProject Manager Quotation
Marie-Céline GendronProject Manager Quotation
Marie-Michèle BourassaProject Manager Quotation
Patrick BeauchesneProject Manager Quotation
Catherine OttaviSenior Project Manager Customer Service
Angela Di VincenzoProject Manager Customer Service
Jennifer Petroff Photometry
Tatiana Candu Photometry
Christine JodoinAccounting Clerk
Martine GuyAdministrative Assistant